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Explore my range of cushions - from fully personalised 'favourite place in the whole world' cushions, to world maps adorned with proof of your adventures. 

Personalised UK Destination Map Cushion

Personalised Favourite Place in the UK Map Cushion Cover £32.00

Personalised International Destination Map Cushion Cover £32.00

World Map Silhouette Cushion £34.00

Personalised Map of the World cushion £30.00

Personalised British Isles Cushion £32.00

World Map Silhouette Cushion with Embroidery Kit £40.00

Continent Silhouette Map Cushion £32.00

Family Name Station Sign Cushion £34.00

Road Name Station Sign Cushion £34.00

'This Chair Belongs To' Station Sign Cushion £34.00