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Explore my range of cushions - from fully personalised 'favourite place in the whole world' cushions, to world maps adorned with proof of your adventures. 

Personalised Joined Locations Map Cushion £24.50 £35.00

Personalised Long Distance Road Trip Map Cushion £24.50 £35.00

Personalised Map Cushion With Linked Hearts £24.50 £35.00

Double Sided Personalised Favourite Place Cushion Cover £42.00

Personalised UK Destination Map Cushion

Personalised Favourite Place in the UK Map Cushion Cover £32.00

Personalised International Destination Map Cushion Cover £32.00

World Map Silhouette Cushion £34.00

Personalised Map of the World cushion £20.65 £29.50

Personalised Vintage Map of Europe cushion. £20.65 £29.50

Personalised Vintage Map of the USA Cushion £20.65 £29.50

Personalised British Isles Cushion £32.00

World Map Silhouette Cushion with Embroidery Kit £40.00

Continent Silhouette Map Cushion £32.00

Family Name Station Sign Cushion £34.00

Road Name Station Sign Cushion £34.00

'This Chair Belongs To' Station Sign Cushion £34.00