What will my map look like?

We know that you want your purchase to look *just* right, so we've compiled a guide for choosing the perfect map style for your tastes. There's a form at the bottom for requesting a proof image before you buy. 
All of the maps we use are vintage, and at least 60 years old. In some cases, they date back to the early 1900s! 
There are three styles that cover the entire world - plus three additional options for the UK and the Republic of Ireland. 

The Rambler

Vintage earthy tones, with predominantly greens, browns and blues. Covers an area of approximately 10-15 miles.

The Homebird

County boundaries are marked out in different tones, with pastel blues, greens, pinks and yellows. Shows up to 40-50 miles, and may not show very small villages.

The Tourist

A more contemporary style with a neutral background, and pops of yellows, reds and blues. Covers an area of 20-30 miles, but may not show very small villages. Very urban areas such as London appear very yellow. 

 The Explorer

Bold, saturated blues with touches of yellows to outline regions.

The Historian

Delicate outlines in watercolour pastels, with detailed annotations.

The Roadtripper

Colourful and contemporary, this bold style uses yellows, pinks, greens and blues. Minimal detail. 

Please be aware that small villages and towns may not be mentioned by name on these maps. Borders and even country names may have changed, and any difference is an indication of historical change. It’s part of what makes them such interesting artefacts! On the rare occasion that your chosen location isn’t available in your selected style, we will offer you alternative options.