Personalised Joined Locations Map Cushion
Personalised Joined Locations Map Cushion
Personalised Joined Locations Map Cushion
Personalised Joined Locations Map Cushion
Personalised Joined Locations Map Cushion
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Personalised Joined Locations Map Cushion

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Connect far away places with this vintage map cushion. Hearts cover your favourite places, with dashed lines embroidered to bring them together. 

Whether as a wedding gift for a couple to show their home countries, or for a family member join two far way locations, this cushion is sure to bring hours of happy map-reading.

Perfect for long distance relationships, remembering road trips, or just linking two hearts together.


Add embroidered hearts to your cushion to personalise it to your journey. There are two options for the hearts:

Little hearts. These are approx 5mm in size and are perfect for picking out cities or smaller areas of countries

Large hearts. These are the outline of a heart, and approximately 2cms in size. They cover small countries, states or areas of large countries.

The price includes two embroidered as standard (or one large heart).


The hearts can then be linked with an embroidered dashed line - which can have a decorative 'loop' or 'heart' added.

More than two hearts and lines can be added - if there is a specific layout you could like (for example, lines not overlapping, or radiating from one heart) please just let us know.


There are three map styles:

World: Link together any two places in the whole world, perfect for far away family or long distance relationship.

Europe: Perfect to highlight two home countries or special holiday destinations.

USA: Remember a special road trip, or link together scattered friends.


Please note - if you select two towns that are within approximately 100 miles of each other, the hearts will be very close together and the line will be too short. . We suggest you opt for a large heart to cover both cities. If the locations are too close together, the hearts may overlap, or we may angle them to allow enough space.

made from:

100% map printed cotton, with a linen-style backing fabric.

Comes with a high-quality microfibre pad, which is made in the UK.


45 x 31 cms